Why I ride:To feel FREE! 

What I bring to the WPG Experience: I coach with two things in mind to bring BIG ENERGY and to inspire others to be their best self no matter what walk of life you come from. Everyone belongs and you are right where you are supposed to be! Come let go of your day, let your goals and dreams be bigger than you imagined and let’s discover them together because in that room we are ONE!  

What kind of music I play:Music is a universal language! There will be something for everyone! 

Instagram: Crissyt99

Spotify: Chrissytwpg


Why I ride: Music, Movement, Motivation… all things that made me fall in love with fitness and are all the reasons why I Ride.  My intention is not only to inspire, but to make you feel empowered.

What I bring to the WPG Experience: There is nothing more rewarding than experiencing a room full of amazing individuals synchronizing to the beat of the music, belting out their favourite song and creating a lasting connection…we call that magic!  Clip in, and I will always bring the positive energy to every class we ride together.

What kind of music I play:Old School Hip Hop, R&B classics and a beat dropping dance remix are sure to be in the cue.  If we can dance to it, we can ride to it! 

Instagram: carriec_31



Why I ride: It’s the best way to release the energy of the day. The good, the bad, and the inbetween. Keeping my body moving through beat, rhythm, music and letting go and finding ourselves together! 

What I bring to the WPG Experience: Riding It came into my life at pivotal point after a sports injury. I believe in advocating for the ones health in all ways. Continuing to learn how to be kind to our mind, body, and soul. Keeping our bodies moving through beat, rhythm, music I will challenge you to let go and find yourself and re-build!  We are in this together. 

What kind of music I play: My playlist is no short of everything… even a little Taylor Swift now and again. Fav GENRE: hip-hop, rock-pop, and house. 

Instagram: @bwheeels 



Why I ride: I ride to challenge myself, both mentally and physically, to test my limits, to let go of all the stress and to connect with the amazing WPG community. 

Riding is my constant reminder that my body is so much stronger and capable than I will ever know. 

What I bring to the WPG Experience: I bring an energy that will encourage you to push yourself and test your limits but most importantly have fun! My classes are built with the goal of you leaving as your most confident, strong and electric self. 

What kind of music I play: I play a variety of music from blink 182 to little john to imagine dragons. I LOVE a good beat drop and remixes are my jam. 

Instagram: Ashjeannotte

Spotify: Ashleigh


Why I ride: I love riding because I feel an alter ego emerge from my soul . I feel a sense of power and control when I’m on the bike. When the music starts playing all my insecurities, stressors and my negativities disappear into thin air. 

What I bring to the WPG Experience:I want my space to be a place where you feel your most bad ass self, a space where you can go to when you’re feeling down ( because I’ll be there to pick you up)  a space where there’s no judgment and we ride as a community!

What kind of music I play: LOVE all types of music, if it has a good beat I’m all over it ! My favourite tunes to ride to would be Reaggeton , EDM ( those beat drops tho) and Throwbacks!  

Instagram: Pu3lles


Why I ride: There’s no rule that moving our bodies and working hard needs to be no fun. I love to laugh and I love to sweat – at WPG we can do both at the same time 🙂 Keep fit and have fun

What I bring to the WPG Experience: I find life more interesting when we’re being silly, so let’s just say I’m something like that.

What kind of music I play: Throwbacks, upbeat remixes, and maybe a newer song every once in a while.

Instagram: Scott_spins

Spotify: Scott Spins


Why I ride:I ride for the love of the game and to help every rider see their inner potential. 

What I bring to the WPG Experience: There is nothing like this community. Lifting each other up for the same common goal while seeing everyone reach their individual goals! Expect a challenging workout and a realization of how strong and capable you are! 

What kind of music I play:I bring the vibes a a track list with a span of multiple decades and genres. There is always a little something for everyone. 

Instagram: yerboygoobz

Spotify: yerboygoobz


Why I ride: When I get in the room and clip in, I leave the world behind for 45 minutes.  I clip in and let go of whatever is on my mind, whatever is holding me back and I just let loose.

I ride because it’s the community that encourages everyone to be who they truly are.  I ride because it’s the perfect combination of a workout with a touch belting out some bangers and moving like you were at a Manitoba social with all your friends.

What I bring to the WPG Experience: A sense of accomplishment, whether it is your first class or not.  You will achieve something new every time.

The love for heavy turns on the dial.  The love for intervals and isolations.
Humour to get through the gritty moments of class, and a whole lot of sass.

What kind of music I play: Throwbacks are my jam.  It’s a guarantee that you will hear a Throwback track in my class.

With a mix of Dance Pop, EDM and Pop.   
You’ll not even notice that I slip in a country song to spice things up every now and then.

Instagram: _niklaw

Spotify: Nik Law


Why I ride: I ride to block out the noise, to overcome insecurities, daily stresses and just be present! I strive to move with confidence, live in the moment! I am forever grateful to you, my spin fam! 

What I bring to the WPG Experience: It is within this community, through movement, where we are free to heal, grow and connect. I am forever grateful to you, my spin fam! A bring little swagger, a whole lot of hustle and BIG BEATS! 

What kind of music I play: I like to mix it up! Hip Hop, EDM, Rock. Throwbacks and I love a fun remix! 

Instagram: @laura_tesfazghi

Spotify: Laura Tesz



Why I ride: I ride because the riders constantly inspire me to work hard, overcome fear, and push me out of my comfort zone. No matter what kind of day I’m having, I can count on that time inside the studio to have fun and unwind. I always leave that room feeling stronger, empowered, and refreshed.

What I bring to the WPG Experience:A ton of energy, a lot of sass, and endless amounts of hair flips! 

What kind of music I play: If you have danced at the club to it, I play it! Love the Throwbacks!

Instagram: alyssa.wpg

Spotify: Betsy Aliss