Cycle Strength


WPG Cycle Rides are more than just a cycling or strength class. WPG CYCLE was created with you in mind and has one of the best communities you can find. Our classes are designed to give you a full body + mind experience that encourages all fitness levels with a positive team environment and two goals in mind – to become your best self – but most importantly to have FUN!

We RIDE Together, to the beat, NO ONE gets left behind.



At WPG Cycle we Ride to the beat of the music and our certified Ride Coaches will be there to guide and motivate you through the entire class, cheering you on and inspiring you every step of the way! All fitness levels can attend these classes (even beginners) as we encourage you to do your best to stay with the class but welcome you to listen to your body and work at a level that is comfortable for you. We got you!


WPG Cycle is now offering Strength Classes! Including full body conditioning/bootcamps, muscle focused classes and we always work that core! We incorporate a balance of body weight, light/heavy weightlifting and built in periods of recovery so you can maximize your workout in 45 minutes. Followed by a ten-minute yoga relaxation stretch with a lemon grass towel or essential oil. All equipment provided.


A Strength training class designed for Moms and to encourage them to SWEAT. CONNECT. and feel EMPOWERED! We focus on rebuilding our pelvic floor and regaining strength to be able to run, play and keep up with our littles! (babies must be able to remain in a car seat bucket, bouncer or you can wear baby in a carrier).


RIDE MAMAS Coming this NOVEMBER 2023! Ride Mamas is a 35 minute baby friendly Ride experience for moms and babies 6 months and under (must be able to remain in a car seat bucket, bouncer etc) and will enable new Mother’s to get a great full body cycling workout and attend to babies needs at anytime during class.  Classes are smaller in size allowing room for baby and social distancing to protect babies health & wellness. Sound is fed through a set of bluetooth headphones for Mom only so that babies hearing is not affected. Headphones are provided. 


Both the Cycling room and Strength room are dimly lit with candlelight so you can focus on yourself but also feel the energy of our community as you move together with heart pumping beats and an epic light shows in both rooms! All classes are 45 minutes, All levels welcome!