Why I ride: When I get in the room and clip in, I leave the world behind for 45 minutes.  I clip in and let go of whatever is on my mind, whatever is holding me back and I just let loose.

I ride because it’s the community that encourages everyone to be who they truly are.  I ride because it’s the perfect combination of a workout with a touch belting out some bangers and moving like you were at a Manitoba social with all your friends.

What I bring to the WPG Experience: A sense of accomplishment, whether it is your first class or not.  You will achieve something new every time.

The love for heavy turns on the dial.  The love for intervals and isolations.
Humour to get through the gritty moments of class, and a whole lot of sass.

What kind of music I play: Throwbacks are my jam.  It’s a guarantee that you will hear a Throwback track in my class.

With a mix of Dance Pop, EDM and Pop.   
You’ll not even notice that I slip in a country song to spice things up every now and then.

Instagram: _niklaw

Spotify: Nik Law