Infrared Yoga Flow

The perfect paring to spin

We Flow to let that SH*T go! WPG Yoga Flow is beat driven, sweat dripping candle lit yoga moving to the music with intention and two style offerings: Yoga Flow or a Restorative based practice.

The studio is heated to a minimum of 80 degrees of Infrared heat which helps create a detoxifying sweat that stimulates blood circulation, relief from sore muscles, joint pain such as arthritis, improves sleep, increases flexibility and your over all mental health with deep relaxation. This isn’t your average yoga class, classes are curated to the beat of the music to drive our yogis movement and breath, to a variety of music and artists. We practice in a dark, candlelit room away from mirrors so that you can to turn your focus inward and let go of your daily distractions. We finish every class with a 5 minute meditation which increases stress management, imagination, creativity and overall productivity so that you can NAMASTE ALL DAY!