WPG Cycle

Favourite Quote: A breath of fresh air is a good thing to take.  But an even better thing to be.

Why I Ride: The 3 “P’s”.

Passion – This is what drives us to show up no matter what the circumstance is. Passion get us in the door and in the room and passion pushes us to the next level.
Pride – Every time you exit that room you leave with Pride.  You did it!  You crushed it!  You’ve accomplished something physically, mentally and sometimes emotionally.
Platform – I’m fortunate to have a platform to spread positivity in a world that needs to be loved and taken care of.  A platform to encourage everyone to leave with less weight on their shoulders.  Leave with more positivity to pass onto everyone they encounter.  I am so lucky to Spin, Sweat and Smile with everyone who comes into our room!

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