Why I ride: From the first time I set foot in the spin room at WPG Cycle I was hooked on a form of exercise that was exciting and energetic. Riding is my way to reset and to take care of my body and mind. When life is unpredictable, I know I can come to the studio and walk out of the spin room feeling more positive and refreshed.

What I bring to the podium: Being a ride coach to me means being a part of a community. On the podium, I bring the energy that I want riders to feel during their 45 minutes in class, because it’s the riders’ passion that brings the bikes and the room alive. There is nothing like putting on your favourite music and seeing a room full of riders get on the same beat and working together as one team.

What kind of music I play: My favourite music is alternative, so I love to throw in a pop or rock remix into class. I’ll never pass up a good 90s throwback track, or an EDM mix with a sick beat drop!

Instagram: AshleyErikaPark

Spotify: AshleyErika