Cancellation Policies & Etiquette

Keep It Clean

Do your LAUNDRY – The Biker Squad rides in close quarters – Enough said

Be On Time

Please arrive at least 15 mins before class, reserve your bike, reserved bikes will be given away within 5 mins of class time.


and encourage your fellow Biker Squad – we encourage positivity and community be kind to one another.

No Cell Phones

Please leave your cell phone in the lockers provided, we want you focused on the explosive workout that is going to go down in the spin room.

It’s Your Ride!

You have the power, energy feeds energy, push yourself to your limits but if you are feeling unwell be sure to let your instructor know.


Can’t make your ride? Be sure to cancel within our two hour cancellation period  and you won’t be charged for your class. 6:00am classes must be cancelled by 10:00pm the previous evening.  Be forewarned: If you miss the two hour cancellation window you will lose a ride or your account will be charged. You can cancel classes by logging into your mind body account through our website or using the mobile Mind Body app.

  • Reservations cancelled after this time will not be subject to a refund and will be charged to your account.
  • Class cancellations/reservations will not be accepted by phone
  • Please arrive and check in 15 minutes before class – 20 minutes if you’re a new member. Please reserve your preferred bike upon check in. Five minutes before the scheduled class start time bikes will be randomly assigned. If you arrive late, you will not be allowed into the class and will be charged. Please note that these rules apply to both unlimited pass holders as well as drop-ins. If you are a member and miss a class, one day will be deducted from your package.


Class full? Add yourself to the waitlist and please be prepared to come to class. You will be notified via email or text message if a bike becomes available. Please be sure to respond to the email and text notification to confirm your bike.  If you are added to the class, if you do not confirm your bike may be given away or you may be charged for a missed class.  Others may be waiting to ride, please be considerate and manage your class bookings appropriately.