Your favourite Quote: The only way out is through.

Why do you ride? It keeps my head in the game. Yes, riding is a great cardio workout, but I quickly found out how much of an impact it has on my mental health. It’s such a positive flush of the mind.

What is your favourite thing about Winnipeg? The food scene … Winnipeg’s food scene is by far one of the best and most tastiest! Give me all the pirogies!

How would you describe your class? Double Dare you to come find out 😉

What’s the number one thing on your bucket list? No bucket list. Live it up everyday.

If the world was ending what is the last song you would ride to? There are WAY too many songs to choose from. I would load up ten or more of my fav songs and hit shuffle… whatever plays first … is what we ride too!

If you had to go toe to toe in a dance off against celebrity who would it be? Jennifer Lopez. Bring it. (Said no one ever)

What is the most inspiring thing about WPG CYCLE? Every single rider who walks through the WPG cycle doors and spends 50 minutes on that bike pushing their own limits, and reaching new limits. WPG Cycle Riders are the true inspirations.