Why do you ride? I ride to get a better understanding of my physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual signals my body gives me and the meaning behind them. You never know what your day will throw your way!

What is your favourite thing about Winnipeg? The undeniable diversity with the ability to appreciate all walks of life. The strong feeling of connection and togetherness! Local support and loving vibes that are so contagious!

How would you describe your class? Sweat therapy 101. Tune in, turn off the unwanted noise, and really find how far you can push your limits.

What’s the number one thing on your bucket list? Seeing an NBA playoff championship! Oh baby.

If the world was ending what is the last song you would ride too? Evanescence – Bring me to Life, Black skin head – Kanye West

If you had to go toe to toe in a dance off against celebrity who would it be? Will Smith from his Fresh Prince days.

Describe your alter ego? Beyonce (Sasha Fierce) mixed with some Amazon Warrior Princess leading her troops into battle! Something really does come over me when I enter that spin room!

If a movie was made about your life who would play you and what song would be in the opening credits? Charlice Theron – 1990’s! Show me Love – Robin

What is the most inspiring part of the WPG Spin Squad? The relentlessness! Our spin family takes all the good, bad, and ugly and uses it for fuel. We get stronger together; physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually by leaving it all on the bike! We use that strength, power, and encouragement to be badasses in our everyday lives! Rinse & Repeat ;).

Instagram Handle: @beckypots_