Who We Are

At WPG Cycle we provide more than just a bike ride: We are a platform for change, a place of positivity, a community to exercise your mind, body and soul. We ride to the beat of the music with state of the art sound and lighting, advanced cycling equipment and inspirational instructors to motivate you. We guarantee that everyone that walks through the door at WPG Cycle will feel welcomed and experience the natural high from our energy and the music. Join the Spin Squad, get inspired, get lost in the music. Feel the energy, feel your power. It’s your ride!

The WPG Experience

Spin is a dynamic group workout on stationary bikes. Every class combines endurance and strength training allowing you to train your entire body in one ride. We know spin can seem intimidating, but we encourage you to leave your expectations at the door, open your heart, open your mind, and get ready for some serious goal crushing! Remember, it’s about the dial, you’re in control and have the ability to change the intensity of your workout and take yourself to your limits. At WPG Cycle, we ride as team from start finish. No one is left behind, we’ve got you.

First Ride

First ride? No problem, we’re here for you! Please arrive 20 minutes early for your first class. This will allow time to get acquainted with the studio; one of our experienced Inspirators will take you on a brief tour, explain and help you with bike set up and make sure you are ready to ride. All you need for a great ride is your workout gear and a water bottle. We recommend shorts or tights to keep clothing away from the pedals and crank of the bike. Don’t worry, cycling shoes are included in your ride fee.


At WPG Cycle we use Look Keo2 clip pedals to clip in to our bikes. Clipping in provides a solid connection between shoe and pedal enhancing your transfer of power for a safer and more authentic experience. Cycling shoes are included in your drop in or membership fee.

The Bike.

Our bikes are made from light-weight rust-free aluminum and feature carbon-fibre reinforced belt-based drive systems that perform like a chain for an authentic cycling feel and true bike performance.

The Beat.

At WPG we are about connection. Connection to your intentions, goals and most importantly the music.  Our Inspirators take their time to create their own playlist to make each class dynamic and fun.  We use resistance to find our rhythm and stay on the beat of the music. It’s a party on a bike!